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High-performance Servers for Faster
Websites & Applications
  • High-speed Upgradable SSD Storage
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Full Root Access

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Instant Planning

Get up and running sites instantly as our servers make plans with all the quotations within
few minutes.


Freedom to Choose any Operating System

Get all the freedom to choose any operating system that works for you.
Have a look on operating systems available with our Servers:


Easy to choose any Management Panel

Apparently you can select any of the Control Panel for the convenient
Server Management.Like we have the available add-ons:


Server Administration

From the given Server Management Panel as per your need you can
Start, Stop, Restart and Rebuild your VPS. .


Complete Root Access

Users will have proper control to manage their server resources with
the help of full root access.


VNC Access

VNC helps you to get immediate access to your VPS for
easy management or administration.



Optionally, Users can install and integrate WHMCS with their VPS
Server Logically.


DDOS Protection

Advanced DDOS protection provided by us, takes complete responsibility to protect your VPS
from any kind of attack.


State-of-the-art Infrastructure

All the VPS servers are powered by honorable infrastructure to keep them
up and running every-time:


Independent Networking

User can setup their own network immediately in just few clicks.


We are available 24*7/365 days here to assist you with your all the queries

Our servers have semi-managed support related to:

  • Boot, Login, Inspecting and Hardware & Network related issues
  • Basic module installation and main firewall structure
  • Issues with KVM VPS like: Setup and re-installation
  • Important OS Updates & Patches
  • Reversing DNS Setup

Set up your VPS in 2 easy steps

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  • Cores
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  • Bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPs
If not satisfied, get your money back by cancelling within 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KVM VPS?
KVM is compressed form of Kernel-based Virtual Machine, that is a virtual private server. That formed to be placed at the top of a faithful environmental server and all the resources to the KVM VPS that can't be shared with any other customers on the physical device, that offers terrific accuracy, loyalty and performance.
What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?
VPS hosting helps you to increase performance. It will ensure that your enterprise remains independent of other users. you'll have complete Privacy. which means that doesn't matter what other users does on the server, your VPS package will always be protected and straightforward with root access. You have all the rights to download and install any required application. No matter what configuration you have on your device as well as bandwidth you will get guaranteed resources allocated to your package always. You'll get all the features and responsibilities of dedicated server without any additional charges in it.
What is the difference between KVM and OpenVZ?
KVM is pure virtualization, where its own server operates individually and independently of the host node by VPS. Where on the other hand OpenVZ is a container-based virtualization that relies at the host node's kernel.
What hosting panels are supported with HDD and SSD type plans?
If you choose to buy any HDD server then we have an automatic installation process configured, that helps you to install cPanel on your package. On the other side if you choose to buy any SSD server then cPanel and Plesk are the optional panels that can be purchased separately as well as installed.
Is a Dedicated IP available?
Yes, you can initiate a support ticket to have a personal dedicated IP. However, there will be an additional charge for that.
What kind of support do you offer?
We have a support team that will assist you in administrating your servers. We support a list of items and for that please refer to the features mentioned above.
What is your backup policy?
Users must take responsibilities to take the backups and web content. It is recommended that users should keep copies of their content safe and make their own backups. They can take the backup from cPanel or can use a remote backup solution.
Is Upgrade/Downgrade possible?
No, there would not be any possibility to upgrade or downgrade in between the plans or resources.
Can I upgrade from HDD-based to SSD-based plan or vice-versa?
Unfortunately, there's no upgrade support to the plans, they have different storage types from each other. Users can upgrade from a lower SSD plan to a higher SSD plan and vice versa.
When should I choose SSD or HDD?
SSD is advised and recommended when a user requires high speed with a limited disk space. On the other hand HDD is used for applications with more storage required space with limited disk operations.